While working for Wells Fargo I had 90 products to sell. I only sold 6 😬


Because I hate to say it,
But we did not deliver the other 84 well at all…

We were really good with the 6 I picked out though,

So I made it a point to ONLY sell those.

Even if someone came to me asking for one of the 84 – I would decline.

I was asked about Merchant Services all the time,

And without fail, I would tell them “No.”

But I didn’t stop there…

I would introduce them to a company that handled merchant services better than we did.

It might sound silly to turn away business that lands in your lap,

But that’s how you build real trust and keep them coming back.

They know you’re not selling just to sell,
You’re selling to solve problems.

So the next time they need something,
Guess who they come to??

Nobody wants to sell a product they don’t believe in.

So if you have the choice – DON’T

Get picky with what you choose to sell.

Only put your best foot forward.

You don’t need to be everything to everyone.

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