Feb 23, 2023

Your product will never reach its full potential if your customers have no say in development.

Feb 23, 2023 | Brian's Blog

One Visbanking client highjacked our plans for a week.
Here’s what happened:

Recently, one clients approached us with a need to examine the utilization and composition of deposits at various banks.
We had all the information, but it was in different places and we couldn’t format it in a way they could use to drive business results.

Our team rose to the challenge, and within a week, the custom reports were ready.
For every single bank in the U.S.

Now this client could see which of their own customers weren’t maximizing their deposits, and which ones were desperate for more, and make decisions accordingly.

The beautiful thing about technology is that now that we’ve created this report, we can offer it to all of our customers without additional cost to us, or fees for them.

Every tech company has an idea of what their product roadmap looks like.
But when the market tells you how it should change – you listen.

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