Feb 18, 2023

I was heading out the door for work when my son made a strange request.

Feb 18, 2023 | Brian's Blog

“Dad, can I skip school for a day and come to work with you?”

I was pretty surprised by the ask, as my son loves school, but I agreed to let him come with me as long as he was ready to go by 6am.

I walked out the door thinking it would never happen because –
1/ That’s really early for a 10 year old
2/ He loves school and doesn’t ACTUALLY want to miss it.

The next morning, I was walking out the door and sure enough, there he was, ready to go.

I quickly realized that something was bothering him and after some digging, I found out that he was struggling with a school assignment and was frustrated with his teacher.
We took some time to work through the issue and off he went to school, while I went to work.

But it got me thinking – He might need a break from school.
A change of pace to see something new and gain a fresh perspective.

So I told him that he would be coming to work with me all the next week, since we were heading down to Colombia to work with the Visbanking team and close a real estate deal.

By the time, we were ready to head down to Colombia, he wasn’t too thrilled about missing school.
He had figured out the project and made things right with his teacher, but the plans were set and off we went to Colombia.
He spent every day with me, observing and learning about the world of real estate and doing business in another country.

The time I spent with him taught me something important, not just for him, but for all of us…

When we’re learning something new, we often have to be dragged into it at first.
It may be frustrating and we may not enjoy it right away.
But as we learn, grow, change, and stretch ourselves, we eventually come to appreciate the experience for everything it taught us.

I want my kids to have a formative experience that includes seeing my business and exploring what kind of business they might want to be in someday.

I want them to learn by going, doing, and experiencing.
Not just by hearing stories over the dinner table.

Then, I want them to have their own adventure.

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