Mar 13, 2023

I don’t always drink $7,000 whiskey.
But when I do…
It’s a toast to a job well done.

Mar 13, 2023 | Brian's Blog

This picture was taken right after I became a partner in a whiskey and cigar business with these 2 great partners.

One of them walks up to me and hands me a Glencairn glass of whiskey.

“What’s this??”

“THIS is a 1978 Glenmorangie Pride finished in a Bordeaux cask – a $7,000 bottle of whiskey.”

Instantly I was wide-eyed with a huge grin on my face.
The moment hardly seemed real.

I enjoy whiskey and a cigar,
But I had never tasted anything like this.

That moment was about so much more than just whiskey.

It was a celebration of hard work, perseverance, and a job well done.

4 months of negotiations to bring me in as a partner in this great business.

A moment WORTHY of a great celebration.

Now don’t take this the wrong way….

I’m not saying you should go drink a $7,000 bottle of whiskey EVERY time you celebrate…

The celebration should match the accomplishment.

Sometimes that’s an expensive whiskey,
Sometimes it’s a nice meal and a relaxing night in with family.

Don’t keep going from one challenge to the next without pausing to celebrate.

Make time for those celebratory moments.

You’ll be glad you did.

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