I got over 50 Colombian data scientists to come drink beer at a bar with me.

I hired 2 of them.

Visbanking was fairly new – just me and 1 other guy.

I decided to work from Colombia for a month with my family there as a working vacation.

Out of nowhere, the business suddenly took off.

We did more in that 1 month than the rest of company history combined.

And I won’t lie…
I was a little scared.

My little “team” of me + 1 couldn’t handle this much new business this fast.

Especially not while I was away from home.

We needed help.
Good help.

I needed Data Scientists.

And I felt like there had to be some nearby.

So I hired 2 freelancers to reach out to as many data scientists as they could find near Bogota, and invite them for beer at Bogota Beer Company at Parque 93 in a few days.

A few days passed and I grabbed my interpreter and headed to BBC at Parque 93.

Over 50 people showed up!

And it turns out, nearly all of them spoke good English.

I didn’t even need my interpreter.

We drank, laughed, talked business,

And by the end of the night, I had 2 new employees.

If I didn’t act quickly, “Too much business” could have become a genuine problem.

But good things happen when you take action quickly.

Digging deep on banks is what I do.

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