Success in banking doesn’t come from hitting home runs.

Success in banking doesn’t come from hitting home runs.

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It’s that singles and a focus on the fundamentals. consistency

In baseball it’s

✅ Bunting
✅ Base hits
✅Moving runners
✅Throwing strikes

In banking it’s

✅ Making loans
✅ Taking deposits
✅ Customer service consistency
✅ Providing treasury services
✅ Knowing your balance sheet

Banking is built on the fundamentals in a way that few other businesses are. Typically, you need to understand the nuances of the industry IN DETAIL if you want to have a great business. Not in banking. In banking, you just have to be committed to executing the fundamentals. Sure, other things will come up that need to be addressed, But that’s a small part of the job.

Stay focused on the core fundamentals of the business.
Aim for the easy base hits – Be consistency.

Sometimes you’ll hit a double, triple, or even a homerun…
But it’s consistency with the singles that builds a great bank.

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