Community Banks rely too much on Sneaker-ware, Not enough on Software.

The biggest thing that community banks have going for them is their relationships with the community and their commitment to customer service.

9 times out of 10, they beat the regional and national banks in these categories,
But get CRUSHED on efficiency.

Go into almost any community bank and everyone is busy.

But after consulting with a few of them,

I can tell you that, 7 of their 8 hours a day are driven by inefficiency.

❌ Collecting customer information by hand
❌ Rework thanks to lost documentation
❌ Broken sales processes
❌ Manual follow-ups

I get it that some of this is an attempt to give more of that “personal touch” that their customers come to them for.

But doing everything manually is just holding you back from an even better customer experience.

Let’s say 1 community bank recognizes their inefficiencies, takes a step back, and decides to rework their system for onboarding a new customer.

✅ Automated documentation requests
✅ Automated follow-up sequence
✅ Automated document filing
✅ AI generated personalized messages

That’s a lot of time you just freed up to form stronger relationships with your customers.
You maintained your personal touch in the process.

Community banks need to keep their more personable experience – it’s what sets them apart.

But it shouldn’t come at the cost of being inefficient.

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