Mar 7, 2023

Hearing business leaders complain about their talent pool drives me INSANE!

Mar 7, 2023 | Brian's Blog

Sure it would be nice to have all A+ talent,
But what these complainers don’t realize is that nobody is measuring them based on their accomplishments….

They are measured on what they can ACCOMPLISH with what they’ve been GIVEN.

Take John Wooden as an example.

He was actually AGAINST recruiting the best talent he could.
“Raw talent” was 4th and final in his recruiting priorities.

His top 3 were:

1️⃣ Grades
2️⃣ Family
3️⃣ Composite Evaluation

If a player had good grades, he knew they were an all-around hard worker AND they had their priorities in order.
Student first, Athlete second.

A good family life and respect for parents and siblings showed that they knew how to build healthy relationships.
Players can win games, Teams win championships.

A “composite evaluation” was Wooden’s way of measuring consistency. It didn’t matter if you performed well the night he was in the stands if you did it by withholding effort the night before. He would consult with 6 other coaches to make sure they all saw the same level of effort that he saw on different nights.
Consistency > Bursts of motivation.

As long as these were in order, Wooden knew he could develop the player’s skills.

If an employee has more energy than knowledge – Teach.
If another has more knowledge than energy – Motivate.

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