Every successful venture starts with 2 things

Every successful venture starts with 2 things

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Every successful venture starts with 2 things:
A small niche.
A big vision.

Jeff Bezos is the KING of this.
At no point was Bezos’ vision to sell lots of books.
It was always to disrupt Old World businesses with New World methods.
Making the internet the new default for commerce.

The only reason he chose books is because there are SO MANY that no store could carry all 3 Million titles.
But he could online.

Once the Amazon store was created, Bezos would focus on just 2 things that would be his unfair advantage – and the foundation of his empire.

Customer Experience,
And DTC Shipping. successful

Once these were mastered,
All Amazon had to do was add new product categories.

Within just a few years, Amazon wasn’t a book store;
It was the only everything store on the planet.

Banks tend to have a tough time finding their unfair advantage.
They get stuck on the fact that all money is just green paper, and all banks will handle that same paper in roughly the same way, for roughly the same price.

Don’t let the story end there.
Take a look at what you already do well, and go from there.

What is your unfair advantage?

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