Jan 30, 2023

I recently changed banks over a Customer Service issue.

Jan 30, 2023 | Brian's Blog

90% of my decision on a new bank came down to 1 thing:

The App.

Believe it or not,
This is a BIG deal for the future of banking.

Because I’m not the only person making their decision this way – A LOT of people are.
And those numbers are only going up.

There’s rarely a need to go to a physical bank anymore as physical cash is used less and less.
Nearly everything can be done through the app now.

So how did I make my decision?

I opened up accounts with 5 different banks and put $100 in each account just so I could play around with their apps.

What I found was that of the 5 banks,
Only 1 allowed me to connect external bank accounts and transfer money with a simple ACH payment in just a few clicks.

My mind was made up instantly.

I might not use this bank for everything,
But it would be the best central location for my money.
All because they focused on a great Customer Experience within their app.

With the way technology is advancing,
More and more people are going to make their decision this way.

The banks that thrive will be those that adapt.

If you run a bank, have you asked your customers about their “Customer Experience”?

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