Brian Pillmore

About Me

This is why I founded Visbanking.

I knew there must be a better way.

Like all good stories, Visbanking’s history began with a challenge. Before launching the company, I was engaged in a consulting project for a regional bank that involved gathering vital banking information and delivering it in an accessible and understandable format. About a month into the project, the bank’s leadership changed, and the project was ended as the new management decided to go in a different direction. The new leader of this bank refused to pay for the work that had already been completed.

While the refusal to pay was disappointing and challenging, I recognized that the lemons he was being handed could be turned into lemonade. In my past role as President and Regional CEO of a bank, I had spent significant time trying to win new business from his competitors. During that time, I had long recognized the need for accessible banking information about those rivals. Though my latest project was canceled without payment, I realized that the experience I had gained could be leveraged to form the foundation for a service that could be provided to every bank across the United States.

From that point on, my CTO Erdem Akkaş and I began working on what would soon become Visbanking, with the goal of creating a data-driven SaaS provider of banking information, visualizations, and insights focused on delivering the Do-It-For-Me documentation today’s busy banking and finance industry professionals need.

Ways we can work together:

— Join leading regional and community banks by subscribing to Visbanking’s SaaS solution
— Bespoke consulting engagements with me and my team to take your bank, hedge fund, financial services firm to the next level in data analytics, visualization, process automation and application development