When my team makes mistakes,It’s my fault.

No need to blame anyone else – Ever.

My personal philosophy in life is that I take responsibility for everything. It’s not always fun… But it’s part of being a leader.

When you’re in charge of a business, YOU are the one that’s responsible to stakeholders for everything that occurs in the business.

No one else.

But people are wired to shift blame away from themselves, and our modern culture only seems to encourage it even more.

I even remember middle school English class teaching us the different types of stories. I noticed they all had one thing in common…

A ‘Hero’ has difficulty reaching a goal because something gets in the way.

Also read – Something is to BLAME.

I’ve even been seeing it with the SVB collapse: “The crypto collapse is to blame for these bank failures!”

That’s not backed by ANY evidence, but lots of people are claiming it.

Looking for someone else to blame. There will always be obstacles. But that doesn’t mean you get to blame them for your shortcomings.

Own up to your failures.

Take responsibility for everything under your roof.

A high sense of ownership and responsibility will win the day. AND, generally more responsibility will come your way.

Digging deep on banks is what I do.

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