Visbanking Introduces “fdicdata” Open Source Package for Python

Oklahoma City, OK – Visbanking, a renowned provider of bank information services, is thrilled to introduce the release of the “fdicdata” open source package tailored for the Python programming language. Just as with its counterpart for R, this Python version of the package is designed to enhance access to critical banking data through the FDIC’s BankFind Suite API.

The “fdicdata” Python package empowers development teams with the robust capabilities of Python while working with data pertaining to approximately 4,800 banks across the United States. This tool is poised to be an invaluable resource for our clients’ technology teams and the broader banking community, fostering enhanced data utilization and informed decision-making.

“We’re delighted to contribute to the development community by offering this package free of charge,” stated Brian Pillmore, Founder of Visbanking. “Under the guidance of Boray Yıldız and Ugur Dar, our dedicated team has worked diligently to craft a package that not only provides access to vital data but also equips developers in the banking industry with the means to construct sophisticated models and drive more insightful choices. We firmly believe that this open source initiative will leave a lasting imprint on the industry, and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

The “fdicdata” Python package is available for download via the Python Package Index (PyPI) and GitHub. Visbanking warmly encourages both the Python developer community and banking professionals to download the package, put it to use, and contribute feedback that will aid in refining its functionality.

About Visbanking
Established in 2020, Visbanking stands as a premier provider of comprehensive banking information services. At its core, Visbanking has developed a sophisticated bank information service that furnishes data and analytical insights pertaining to the array of banks operating within the United States.

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