I just hired a specific software expert at low cost within 12 hours of beginning my search.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Define what’s needed.

An expert in a PR software that is brand new to me.

Someone who can run it independently.

Step 2: Define the search.

I went into sales navigator and made a simple search:

– Previously worked at specific PR company (the company who makes the PR software we want to use)
– Not currently employed by that same company

4 results.

Step 3: Recruit.

I sent connection requests to all of them letting them know I was looking to hire around 10pm.

I hired one around 10am the next morning.

His level of expertise was high,
My offer of compensation was fair,
He had confidence that he could do the job.

The global talent pool allows you to effectively solve problems quickly and at reasonable cost.

Are you making the most of it?


What is a job you need done but haven’t found the right person?

Post that job posting in Spanish (use Google Translate) and English as a “Remote” job with a “Location” of Bogota Colombia.

Let me know in the comments how many applicants you have after 24 hours.

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