East Wisconsin Savings Bank Reports – 35879

East Wisconsin Savings Bank Financial Reports

Quater Ended: 2023-12-31

East Wisconsin Savings Bank is a N/A located in Kaukauna, WI. Established on 01/01/1887, the bank is regulated by the FDIC and has 5 domestic offices. It operates in the Appleton, WI.

The bank has 44 employees and holds $260,739k in total assets. With a focus on community banking, the bank has been serving its customers since 01/01/1887.

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East Wisconsin Savings Bank Institution Profile

Established Date 01/01/1887 Institution Class N/A
Primary Regulator FDIC Number of Domestic Offices 5
Number of Foreign Offices 0 Number of US Offices 0
Number of Employees 44 Directly owned by another bank (CERT) No
Community Bank Yes ZIP 54130
Ownership Type Not Mutual City Kaukauna
State Alpha code WI State and County Number 55087
Subchapter S Corporations No Trust Powers Trust Powers Not Known
Federal Reserve ID Number 7 Federal Reserve ID Number Description CHICAGO
Office of The Comptroller District: CENTRAL DISTRICT Office of Thrift Supervision Region Central
Last Structure Change Effective Date 08/31/2022 Date of Deposit Insurance 08/09/1989
Primary Insurance Agency DIF

Institution Profile Overview

Delve into the foundational details of East Wisconsin Savings Bank with our “Institution Profile” table. The 01/01/1887 marks the bank’s inception, providing historical context. Categorized as a N/A, the bank operates under the oversight of FDIC, ensuring compliance and regulatory adherence.

5 domestic offices reflect the bank’s physical footprint, while insights into ownership type, trust powers, and regulatory affiliations contribute to understanding its operational structure. Details such as Kaukauna, WI, and 54130 provide geographic context. Explore these attributes to gain a holistic view of East Wisconsin Savings Bank in the financial landscape.

East Wisconsin Savings Bank Financials

(USD, in thousands)

Total Assets 260,739 Total Liabilities 251,421
Total Equity Capital 9,318 Total Deposits 231,540
Net Loans and Leases 174,920 Total Interest Income 2,277
Total Noninterest Income 341 Total Interest Expense 1,331
Total Noninterest Expense 1,994 Tier 1 Risk-Based Capital Ratio 12
Net Loans and Leases to Core Deposits 82 Return on Assets -1
Return on Equity -19 Efficiency Ratio 153

Financial Performance Overview

Gain a comprehensive perspective on East Wisconsin Savings Bank’s financial landscape through our “Financials” table. The bank boasts total assets of $260,739k, showcasing its substantial scale and influential market presence. A nuanced breakdown reveals insights into the bank’s financial structure and stability, with total liabilities standing at $251,421k and total equity capital at $9,318k.

Delve into key operational metrics, including total deposits of $231,540k, net loans and leases at $175k, and a meticulous analysis of income and expense components. Explore vital ratios such as the Tier 1 Risk-Based Capital Ratio, standing at 11.9389, and Return on Assets at -0.65. These metrics provide valuable insights into the bank’s risk management strategies and overall profitability.

This detailed financial overview is designed to enhance your understanding of East Wisconsin Savings Bank’s performance and competitive positioning within the financial industry.

East Wisconsin Savings Bank Additional Financial Information

(USD, in thousands)

Earnings Coverage of Net Loan Charge-Offs(x) 0 Net Loans and Leases to Core Deposits 82
Tier 1 Risk-Based Capital Ratio 12 Securities Gains (Losses) 0
Goodwill and Other Intangibles N/A Cost of Funding Earning Assets 2
Yield on Earning Assets 4 Total Interest Income 2,277
Applicable Income Taxes -283 Loss Allowance to Loans and Leases 1
Net Loans and Leases 174,920 Loss Allowance to Noncurrent Loans and Leases 5,061
Noncurrent Loans to Loans 0 Net Income Attributable to Bank and Noncontrolling Interests -424
Net Interest Income 946 Net Interest Margin 2
Net Operating Income to Assets -1 Noninterest Income to Average Assets 1
Total Noninterest Income 341 Noninterest Expense to Average Assets 3
Total Noninterest Expense 1,994 Net Charge-Offs to Loans and Leases 0
All Other Assets 12,484 Other Real Estate Owned 0
Other borrowed funds 18,630 Pre-tax Net Operating Income -707
Pretax Return on Assets -1 Return on Assets -1
Retained Earnings to Average Equity (YTD only) -9

Insights into Financial Metrics

Enhance your understanding of East Wisconsin Savings Bank’s financial standing through our “Additional Financial Information” table. Explore key metrics such as Net Loans and Leases: $174,920k and Net Interest Income $946k to gain valuable insights into the bank’s core operations and revenue streams. Assess the Tier 1 Risk-Based Capital Ratio: 11.9389 for in-depth insights into capital adequacy and risk management strategies.

Delve into the intricacies of Net Charge-Offs to Loans and Leases: -0.05 to evaluate the bank’s asset quality and risk mitigation efforts. Examine the composition of income through Total Noninterest Income:$341k and evaluate operational efficiency using metrics like Efficiency Ratio: 153.15. This nuanced financial overview empowers a comprehensive analysis of East Wisconsin Savings Bank’s strategic financial position and performance in the industry.

This table provides key financial information about East Wisconsin Savings Bank. Get more data about East Wisconsin Savings Bank on Visbanking Report Portal.